In hip-hop, retirement is temporary. Such is the case for Metro Boomin, who recently teased his departure from the game, much to the dismay of those he's blessed in recent years. Evidently, it seems that Metro appears to want some more; perhaps the cool milli from Gucci Mane proved too alluring to refuse. Either way, it's seeming likely that Metro will be getting back to work in the imminent future. Yesterday, he was spotted in the studio with Future, Young Thug, and Joe Moses. Today, it has been revealed that the prolific ATLien has been in contact with another hip-hop heavyweight.

The Weeknd, fresh off the drop of his My Dear Melancholy project, has been a busy man. Never one to stay in his cups over a dame, The Weeknd has once again picked up his phone with one goal in mind. Putting in work. We recently caught a screencap of Abel's IG story, which finds him in the middle of Facetiming none other than Metro Boomin. While they may very well have simply been catching up on current affairs, the fact that Weeknd shared the connection on a public forum seems to indicate professional endeavors. This will no doubt fuel speculation that Melancholy was but one of many releases from Abel; perhaps Metro will play a pivotal role in subsequent chapters.

Granted this is purely speculation. Call it wishful thinking. Call it what you like. Yet stranger things have happened, have they not?