Super Slimey may have underwhelmed some parties when it dropped, but I would argue that the project has aged rather nicely. On that note, the idea of catching some new music from Young Thug and Future continues to prove enticing, as it feels like they have yet to flesh out their chemistry as a duo. Luckily, it seems like the pair will continue to expand on the foundation set by Super Slimey. "Sex" has recently taken to Instagram to share an intriguing image of a post-studio session, featuring himself, Metro Boomin, Future, and Joe Moses.

As Thug clarifies via caption, "we don’t show the #COOK-UP, we present the #DONE." That can only mean the quartet has recently wrapped up a banger, or hopefully multiple. The news should prove exciting for those eager for some new vibes, and while we're not sure where this one might end up, both Future and Thug have been speculated to drop new music this year.

Thugger has already come through with one EP, while Future played an integral role in DJ Esco's Kolorblind mixtape. As for Metro, the producer recently claimed to be retired. In the words of Maury, "that was a lie." Throw Joe Moses into the mix for good measure, and we may very well have a banger in the works. Slime season approaching? Time will tell.