The Game has officially offered his two cents on Cardi B and Offset's marriage, taking to Instagram to upload a clip in which he essentially urges the Invasion Of Privacy rapper to take back her estranged husband.

"This message is for Cardi B in my n-gga Offset's defense," the rapper began. "I really feel like y'all need to get back together. I feel like y'all a family unit. Y'all got a beautiful, beautiful, brand new's the holidays...Y'all can't break up, man."

He went on to defend Offset's actions, even comparing the duo to Jay-Z and Beyonce to drive his point home:

"We're all guilty of entertaining women, texting women, but he didn't do it. He didn't go through with it...It's the holiday season and Cardi B without Offset is like Jay-Z without Beyonce. Y'all a unit...I got love for yall...I want to see Cardi B and Offset back on my Instagram immediately."

Since Cardi went public with the couple's split, Offset has tirelessly pleaded with the Internet, fans and famous friends alike, to urge Cardi B to take him back after she apparently called it quits. Most recently at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles, 21 Savage brought Offset on stage to lead the crowd into a chant, with fans asking Cardi B to take Offset back.

Acts such as 21's and The Game's has sparked outrage among fans who are calling out the double standards in what appears to be "vilification" of Cardi B for walking away from her marriage in light of alleged infidelity on Offset's part. Naturally, it is important to note the vast majority of us are merely on the outside looking in, rendering most opinions on the topic useless in the end.