The Game is about to unleash Born To Rap, touted as his final studio album. Now, with the album set to surface by summer's end, Game has kicked off a nostalgic wave, drawing back to the time he first brought Dre to his hood. Are you queuing up The Documentary yet?

"Just a young kid with a story to tell. Had Dr. Dre in Cedar Block," writes Game, in honor of "west coast Wednesday." My n***s couldn’t believe their eyes when he pulled up." A brief tale, but an effective one. Dr. Dre's legacy runs deep, and the Compton icon was at the height of his second age during Game's introductory stages. It's easy to remember an era in which Dr. Dre was bodying instrumentals for Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and Eve, before eventually turning his vault loose on Game in 2004. From there came The Documentary, which featured eight Dre-produced tracks, including "How We Do" and "Westside Story."

Though Game and Dre ultimately underwent a few peaks and valleys, the pair have stayed connected to this day. Case in point, Game recently called up the good Doctor mid-interview, prompting Dre to answer before the first ring even started. Ride or die, as they say. With Born To Rap on the way, and Dr. Dre having mixed two tracks (we'll know which ones, promises Game), it's clear the two West Coast icons still have stories to tell.