Summer Walker has been living her best life lately and showcasing every moment on Instagram. Days ago the "I'll Kill You" singer was gifted a new ride from her man London On Da Track and her label and it was in the form of a brand spankin' new G-wagon. "People don’t even know what I actually went through this year.. I just sucked it up & kept pushin to the best of my abilities. Stayed quiet & stayed kind & in return I just keep getting BLESSED," she wrote on Instagram

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

All her time showcasing her life on the Gram has had her fans noticing her smooth baby face leading the 23-year-old to share some secrets to her skin care. In a video posted to her Instagram story, you can see Summer zooming in on her face with a caption that reveals it all. "For those asking about my skin. I drink water don't eat fast food don't eat soda and don't wear makeup almost ever, she wrote.

Not too long ago Summer showcased her new manicure on Instagram, pulling in some troll worthy reactions from haters who said her hands look "old." 

"This is what your hands look like when you've been working hard since 16, flipping burgers, scrubbing floors, & dancing," she responded. "Not sitting around on random n*ggas couches all day gliding Vaseline on d*cks for a bag."