All she wanted to do was show off her elaborate acrylic nail design, but Summer Walker ended up, once again, checking a fan on Instagram. Over the last couple of months, the singer has found herself the target of critics over her live shows and interactions with fans. Her social anxiety has been called into question and Summer has gone on to defend herself online. This time around, she just wanted to give her nails a bit of attention and ended up letting an Instagram user know that she's worked hard to get where she is, and her hands reflect that.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After sharing a photo of her nails that including caption mentioning how "extra" Summer is, a fan commented, "Your hands look older den u sis 😩😘." Many times celebrities ignore what people have to say, but Summer decided to address the woman. "This is what your hands look like when you've been working hard since 16, flipping burgers, scrubbing floors, & dancing," the singer wrote. "Not sitting around on random n*ggas couches all day gliding Vaseline on d*cks for a bag."

The 23-year-old isn't a stranger to hard work and doesn't care if people have negative comments about her. Check out the photo and her response below.