Alright, to preface this quickly, we all know that SpaceGhostPurrp loves to talk his shit. He's been one of the most eclectic forces in hip-hop for years and although his name is not at the top of the charts, he is still very influential in the Florida rap scene. The producer/artist worked hand-in-hand with Denzel Curry as part of Raider Klan but when the Zuu artist left the group, a mini-feud began between himself and SGP. There is still a lot of respect to go around but clearly, Purrp isn't happy with the way Curry has handled his career and now, he's acting out because of it.

Speaking on his former friend, SpaceGhostPurrp made some insanely pause-worthy remarks about Denzel Curry, accusing him of doing some pretty messed up shit. The rant starts out with SGP noting how little respect he has for the rapper, saying that he often jacks his ideas for albums and seeks his advice without properly crediting him, like on TA13OO. Some of the wildest allegations come in regards to other artists that Denzel is close to though.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Touring with Billie Eilish this year, Denzel has grown a strong relationship with the growing pop star. SGP claims to have some inside information on their bond though, claiming that they are actually in a sexual relationship. "You out here fucking a 17-year-old girl who's soon gonna be 18 in December, but you not telling anybody that," said the producer about Eilish. 

He wasn't even close to being finished there. Purrp then accused A$AP Rocky of stealing Curry's concept of a wrestling-inspired show for A$AP Yams Day before trashing both artists and calling them bitches. Then came one of the most boisterous claims. "Let's talk about how, right before you dropped TA13OO, [XXXTentacion] got killed," said SpaceGhostPurrp before detailing a three-way phone call they shared about working together. "It's weird. When they talk to you about X, you don't show no emotion towards him neither. You don't show no grief, you don't show no compassion, you don't show no heart towards this man. Obviously, X looked up to you, you can hear it in his earlier music." SGP proceeds to call out Denzel for being "jealous" of XXXTentacion, claiming that he took X under his wing to go against Purrp after his feud with VLONE and the A$AP Mob. Finally, the weirdest remark was made when Purrp says that Denzel "wants to be white" and "sacrificed" XXXTentacion to further his own success. 

Listen to the entire post below. Shoutout to Reddit for the embed.