Soulja Boy seems to always be in the studio. Whenever there's a lull in the music world, you can always just head over to his SoundCloud page and you'll easily be able to listen to about three new songs on a daily basis. Seriously, we don't even want to know how Soulja Boy does it but somehow, some way, he manages to drop a song pretty much every day. His work ethic is matched only by somebody like Chief Keef, who has also proven himself to be a studio hog. If ever you've wondered how much it will run you to get a feature from Big Drako, your answer has arrived because Soulja let us all know on his Instagram story.

Robert Kamau/Getty Images

Drako may be a multi-millionaire but he still wants to help out any up-and-coming artists, offering up his going rate on social media for anybody that may be interested. Telling everybody that he was spending time in the studio, Soulja Boy informed his audience that he would be recording verses for anybody that pays him $10K. Considering the fact that Soulja records several songs every day, he's definitely about to add to his bankroll today. If you're not down for Soulja's vocal contributions, you can buy one of his beats for $2,500.

With the number of hits that he's been part of, do you think he should be charging more or is this spot on?