Soulja Boy Keeps Pressure On Tyga With "Thotiana" Visuals

Devin Ch
April 03, 2019 09:55

Soulja Boy's rinse, recycle, repeat campaign spills into April.

Soulja Boy's beef with Tyga needs little introduction. For a brief period in 2019, the "Crank Dat" originator looked certain to leverage his media attention into some kind of net return, be it in the field of gaming and legalized gambling, or to a lesser degree: a last-ditch effort at rejuvenating interest in his music. 

Last we heard from Soulja, Tyga was still being pegged the springboard to his rejuvenated success. Unfortunately for Soulja, Tyga doesn't seem to be taking the bait, quite the contrary. Soulja Boy's jabs are intentionally hollow. A more pointed attack would require him to develop some long-form penmanship. In fighting terms, doing so would take him out of "the clench" where he feels most comfortable. 

By the looks of his social media response to "Thotiana" upon its release, Tyga isn't interested in joining him in "the clench," as it would require him to cancel his unending vacation plans in the tropics. And yet, there's still a remote chance Soulja Boy will eventually draw his combatant's ire, but it won't be off the strength of "Thotiana" or its companion video. Can Soulja Boy's musings be taking seriously, or is he merely a slapstick provocateur, comment below?

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