The triangular feud emanating from Lil Pump's dismissal of J. Cole and Smokepurrp added commentary has led to the rapper's respective fan bases getting involved. During a concert on Friday at Atlanta's Buckhead Theatre, Smokepurrp fans erupted in a raucous chant of "Fuck J. Cole." It's not implicitly known whether the crowd uproar was initiated by the rapper himself. Never the less, Purpp fans are ready to ride, however righteous the cause.

Lil Pump initially caught wind of J.Cole's subliminals on "1985" and replied via World Star. From there the question was posed to Smokepurpp, as to who he'd choose as the better lyricist. It should be noted that Pump released a diss record titled "Fuck J. Cole" out of thin air last year. Many speculate that Pump was simply taking the piss. Unsurprisingly, Smokepurpp sided with his fellow Floridian and J. Cole was left to scratch his head.

The lyrics in question from J. Cole's KOD album do not mention any rappers by name, but many "one of 'em" refers to Pump & Purpp.

“I heard one of 'em diss me, I’m surprised I ain’t trippin’, listen good to my reply. Come here lil’ man, let me talk with ya. See if I can paint for you the larger picture,” and also “I must say, by your songs I’m unimpressed. But I love to see a Black man get paid. And plus, you having fun and I respect that,” are exhibit A and B from J. Cole.