Okay, so maybe Avengers: Endgame wasn’t quite the endgame after all. This, at least, is what fans are left to surmise with the latest announcement from Disney+ to Variety magazine today, confirming that prolific actor and Avengers alum, Samuel L. Jackson, will reprise his role in the franchise as Nick Fury. 

Though to be fair, the specifics of the show’s storyline have been kept under wraps in typical Disney/Marvel fashion, so we don’t know if the program will be a prequel or sequel. Nonetheless, it joins a slew of other Marvel spinoffs planned for the coming few years, including this year’s WandaVision and 2021’s Loki, and The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Executives have not publicly commented on the possibility of these programs overlapping, crossing over, or serving as accessories to one another.

The untitled series remains without a release date but has garnered swift attention with sources claiming Jackson has agreed to star and writer Kyle Bradstreet has agreed to both write and executive produce. Bradstreet is a new addition to the creative team behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), as his most notable writing credits up to this point have been as a writer for Berlin Station, Copper, and Mr. Robot.

Contrastingly, Jackson’s role in the MCU dates back to the 2008 release of Iron Man, with his debut of the character in the film’s post-credits scene serving as the starting point for his appearance in more than a half-dozen films in the universe. Jackson’s most recent appearance in the franchise as Nick Fury was SPOILER ALERT: in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where he was aboard a foreign spacecraft.