On Monday, a video of rapper Future in Spain went viral after it showed his security guard being sucker-punched from behind. The man responsible was filmed by his friend assaulting the bodyguard before they recorded the victim laying on the ground in the middle of the street as they lept for joy and boasted to the cameras. 

According to TMZ, the group of approximately 10 unidentified men involved wanted to take photos with Future but the rapper declined because he wasn't feeling well. The men were incensed by the denial and reportedly began hurling racial slurs as Future and his entourage made their way through the outside of Spain's Ibiza Airport. TMZ claims that prior to the bodyguard being cowardly attacked, there was a bit of a scuffle with a handful of the men.

Recently, Safaree Samuels shared a video clip of himself at an outdoor event in Detroit being escorted by heavily armed guards through the crowd. "Shout out Detroit for the hospitality‼️🙏🏾 Secure the 💼 and get home safe is the mission Daily 🙏🏾‼️ In my opinion being in the public eye is 1 of the most dangerous jobs! You announce your whereabouts while you travel the world for any and everyone to know. Life is about God Family and love! Spread that!" Safaree caught heat for having security around him, but his words rang true following the Future's bodyguard's beatdown. 


Safaree shared the clip of the Ibiza Airport attack and called for justice to be done to the men involved. "They need to lock these guys up the same way they doing ASAPRocky! This is exactly what I’m talking about with this new generation of camera phone punks! This man had his back turned pushing luggage and got punched for what? That man could’ve hit his head on the floor and died!"

He continued, "Then they stomped his head while he was unconscious! These men are traveling the world providing for their families and gotta deal with pieces of sh*t like this trying ppl because they wanna go viral!! They do everything to protect so called fans but the celebrity is who’s at risk everyday stepping out of the house! These dudes are Pathetic!"

Future has spoken out about the incident, writing that he didn't witness it so he wants his name to be left out of the drama.