Tonight was the second installation of the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion, and if you thought last week got heated, you haven't seen anything yet. At the end of the show's season, Rich Dollaz sat down with Safaree Samuels to confront him about dating his ex, Erica Mena. Rich made it clear that he doesn't have feelings for Mena in any way, especially considering their relationship was five years ago, but he thought that because Safaree was an acquaintance, he would have given Rich a head's up. Rich also said that he specifically asked Safaree on numerous occasions if he was dating Mena, and Safaree told him that he wasn't.

The reunion moment that everyone was waiting for was that of when Rich and Safaree would sit down, face-to-face, once again. If you remember, Safaree wasn't featured on the first part of the reunion, with host Nina Parker saying he wasn't going to attend. Apparently, Safaree changed his mind and was ready to confront everything head-on in part two.

Parker asked Rich if he was upset about Safaree not spilling the beans on his relationship with Mena. Rich said, "Me and Safaree — although we might not be friends — I felt like we had enough one-on-one moments [that he could be truthful with me]. Erica is however many f***ing moons from me. I’m not the last person she dated, so, therefore, it wasn’t a big deal [and shouldn’t have been kept a secret].”

Instead of addressing the issue, Safaree poked fun at Rich saying that his pants were "way too tight" and "I don't like seeing all them ankles that I'm seeing." Rich replied, "We doin' that? Are we doin' that?" Safaree then went on to tell Rich to shut his mouth about his lady by saying, "Don’t be disrespectful — don’t be disrespectful. Don’t talk about somebody like that, she’s not here."

The brush off must have gotten Rich heated because he got up and jumped on top of the table in the center of the stage and went charging for Safaree. Security pulled him back and separated the two, and while Rich was walked backstage, Safaree continued to poke fun at Rich. "You okay? I saw your ankle twist."

Backstage, Rich made another attempt to get Safaree, but security wouldn't have it. Onstage, Safaree defended Mena's name and said that Rich had no right speaking about "another man's woman." By the looks of things, it seems as if Rich was angry over Safaree disrespecting him, while Safaree was attempting to defend his woman's honor when she wasn't able to take the stage to speak for herself.