Safaree, as a reality star on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,is no stranger to social media heat; he's often the center of an online controversy or a joke, but the latest attack on his character has elicited a direct video response.

The backlash initially began on Monday (July 26), when the recent episode of L&HHA displayed some of Safaree’s most shocking antics yet — even topping the time he and his now ex-wife Erica Mena faked a divorce before actually getting divorced.

The scene in question takes place between in Safaree's studio while Safaree and Erica's baby girl, Safire plays on the floor. Everything seems ordinary until Safire slips and a guitar falls on top of her, causing panic from Erica and a good laugh from Safaree.

Safaree quickly came to his own defense as fans of the show clawed at his character. As we initially reported, the rapper commented on a re-share of the clip stating, "Damnn the voice over for this scene almost made it seem real," with laughing emojis.

Despite his attempt to salvage his behavior in the scene, fans still spewed hate at Safaree for his apparant lack of concern for his child. The star first turned to his music in an attempt to turn the situation around, with the timely release of his new single "LIAR," where he calls out Erica Mena and his haters for vilifying him. 

To promote "LIAR," and get some things off his chest, Safaree shared a rant on Tuesday with his new track playing in the background (of course). In the video, the artist starts by thanking his mother for making him the way he is -- "there's some people out there who wouldn't be able to handle the backlash I get. They'd be somewhere off the deep-end. But I'm so glad that I don't give a sh*t what none of y'all think, and it just makes me feel good... I appreciate y'all being so invested too," he states.

The video wasn’t received well after being reposted by TheShadeRoom and Safaree was yet again clowned.

Check out Safaree’s video below.