Tory Lanez was radio silent for two months before finally deciding to address the allegations that Megan Thee Stallion made against him, profiting off of the situation by releasing a new album. His move has been criticized by all corners and, while some are seemingly into the project, the majority of people commenting are backing up Megan Thee Stallion. 

Previously, Royce Da 5'9" weighed in on the incident between Tory and Megan, noting that it had taken "long enough" for people to come to their senses and start defending the Houston rapper

Today, after the release of Tory's album, Nickle came through with yet another statement on the matter.

Posting a picture of Lanez on his Instagram, Royce wrote: "Boy, you outta yo little Canadian mind... Too talented for stupidity."

While the Canadian reference is a little odd, Royce's feelings are loud and clear. He's not standing for Tory's actions and will continue to champion Megan Thee Stallion during this.

Rick Ross voiced a similar sentiment, going one step further than Royce. Ricky Rozay actually purchased a new Smart Car, having it shipped to his palace before showing it off and claiming that it's for Tory Lanez, trolling the rapper's size and telling him he made a "poor decision"

As the days go by, we'll likely see even more celebrities standing up in support of Megan Thee Stallion.