Tory Lanez was named by Megan Thee Stallion as her alleged shooter, which has resulted in the rapper being vilified by fans and the media for months. He remained silent since the incident occurred, but now he's suddenly released a seventeen-song album addressing everything, on the day Megan was named to the TIME 100 list and during the same week that Breonna Taylor's murderers were let off the hook. 

Regardless of the news cycle, Tory is still one of the hottest topic on the internet right now. People are either shitting on him, calling him out for capitalizing on the incident, and dropping new music to profit off of it. Or, they're giving the album a run-through and praising the rapper and the music.

There's a lot happening on Daystar, the new project from Tory Lanez. On the introductory song, the Toronto native claims that Megan's team is trying to frame him, denying the shooting allegations hard and even coming after Kaash Paige, Kehlani, JR Smith, and others that spoke out in support of the H-Town Hottie.

He also admits that he has a crush on Kylie Jenner and that, when all three were hanging out, Megan was heated over him flirting with the superstar. 

He additionally claims that Megan and he had a relationship that went beyond just friendship, saying that Megan would lie to her best friend about the extent of their bond.

Whether you choose to listen to this is up to you. Check out some reactions below, and don't forget to give Suga and Fever a stream today.