Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have perpetuated one of hip-hop's longest standing feuds. However, if you ask Ma what her feelings towards her supposed arch nemesis these days, she'll tell you that everything is, well, just fine.

In a new interview with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club, Remy Ma was asked almost immediately about her feelings towards the "Rake It Up" rap empress, especially in the context of her new track, "Wake Me Up." The song, which features a featured appearance from Lil Kim, was rumored to be a diss track aimed at Minaj, a position that could still potentially be inferred from lyrics like these: "You fake-ass bitch, you owe homage, pay that s**t/Spray that fif', the crown, I'mma take that s**t/'Cause you a clown and Homey don't play that s**t."

That being said, Remy Ma was saying all the right things in her interview response. "I'm so over that," she said of her beef with Nicki. "I'm past that. I'm in a good space. I feel like everything happens for a reason. Right now what I'm doing right now is what the record is. It's just a dope record." She went to exhalt Lil Kim and her importance to female rappers in the game, an influence that Minaj has also touched on in the past. "I think Kim is an icon. I think she should definitely be paid way more respect than she is, she’s like the Madonna of the whole female rap. I can't think of no chick in rap that can't say at some point they weren't influenced by Kim, and I just thought it was dope to have her on the record. She sounds amazing on the record."

Later on in the interview, she was asked if there were any benefits to her old, more publicly dramatic persona. The difference now? The drama that may have plagued her publicly in the past aren't an issue for her anymore. "I didn't care about anything," she said. "I didn't care about repercussions. I didn't care about consequences. I still have that mentality when it comes to certain things, but I don't care about stuff anymore." Remy added that, at this point in her career, her relationship with the music industry in general is looser because her "priorities [are] a little bit different."

Check out the entire interview, where she dives more into her new music and Meek Mill's current legal situation, below.