Toronto rapper Top5's recklessness reached new heights this week as the alleged murderer took to Instagram Live to troll Toronto Mayor John Tory. Top5, real name Hassan Ali, has refused to turn himself in ever since he was charged with first degree murder in May. Though he continues to be on the run, Ali went live on the social media platform to request a sit-down with the mayor so he could "spit his facts" before ending the statement with "I run Toronto, you fucking goof." 

"You guys wanna link up? Call John Tory and tell him I f****** want a sit-down for f****** 30 minutes," Top5 said aggressively while live-streaming. He continued with "I wanna spit my facts, and he’ll spit his facts... I run Toronto, you fucking goof.”

Top5 is currently charged with the January murder of Hashim Omar Hashi. Hashi was shot multiple times in North Fork while exiting a parking garage, and Top5, as well as another suspect, were both arrested in the following weeks. Top5 was released under copious rules and regulations in February. The rapper went on the run after his original charges of accessory after the fact to murder, two counts of failing to comply with probation, and drug charges escalated to a first degree murder charge in May.

On Top5's case, Mayor Tory said: "I know the devastation and trauma that murders in our city have caused families and neighborhoods and it is very troubling to know someone charged with murder has so far not made himself available to the authorities."

Check out the Instagram Live clip below.