In honor of International Women's Day, Quavo has awarded special emeritus to his dearly beloved Mother. TMZ caught up with the rapper as he was making a quick exit in Rich the Kid's Mclaren 570. 

Quavo seemed unphased by the field reporter's attempts at flattery, as he continued to stare down at his phone. When asked to shout out the significant women in his life, it was evident that Quavo wasn't going to spill the tea on his dating exploits. The reporter continued to feed him lines, bringing up the subject of Cardi B, his cousin's fiancée. He responded by offering praise for the New York rapper, referring to her as "one of the greatest, powerful, most beautiful sisters-in laws I ever had." Quavo followed that statement by showing off his diamond teeth, only to have the camera cut to Rich the Kid's more playful antics.

The overall sentiment of a family forging its identity is heartwarming to hear. When Cardi B was receiving threats from Crip gangs posted in Los Angeles, the whole Migos franchise stood by her side and assured her safety. What function does your family provide, dear faithful HNHH users?