Quavo released his solo debut album last week and there were many things to discuss regarding it. For starters, "Huncho Dreams" appears to confirm a relationship that the rapper shared with Nicki Minaj and while it may only be fantasy, he seemed keen on recreating one of her Instagram videos using an impersonator at his release party. Another major situation was an alleged diss against Lil Peep in the opening lines to "Big Bro" where the Migos star raps, "Think you poppin' Xanax bars, but it's Fentanyl/ Think you're living life like rockstars but you're dead now." Peep's fans and friends were outraged, demanding an explanation from Quavious and it's finally come.

"Lil Peep Is A Legend A Real Rockstar," tweeted Quavo today, insisting that he was not speaking ill of the late artist. He continued, saying he "N E V E R will speak on the deceased" before clarifying that the line may have been referring to his barber, who he lost to a fentanyl overdose. Quavo remains respectful, sending his condolences to anybody that has lost their lives to drugs, writing, "R.I.P. Show  R.I.P  XXX 🙏🏾 RIP TO ANYBODY WHO LOST THERE LIFE TO DRUG ABUSE!"

Considering XXXTentacion did not lose his life to drug abuse, his inclusion is a little odd but we're sure Quavo meant well. Many of the sources that critiqued Quavo for the line have already accepted his apology with Adam22, Fat Nick, and others reaching out.