Yung Miami (Of City Girls)

Real Name
Caresha Romeka Brownlee
Date of Birth
Feb. 11, 1994 - Age 29
Miami, FL
Quality Control Music

Artist Bio

Yung Miami makes up half of the iconic duo known as the City Girls. Known for her bubbly personality, catchy sayings, and hilarious commentary, Miami sets the tone for being bold and ambitious. Born Caresha Brownlee, the rapper grew up in Miami, Florida– hence the name. The neighborhood she was raised in near Opa-Locka was rather rough. Yung Miami had to deal with witnessing frequent fights and experiencing hurricane season annually. 

Early Life & Aspirations

Miami describes her childhood as more of an “adulthood.” In middle school, she would be out partying at teen clubs until 2:00 a.m. Her mother was reportedly friends with major players in Miami like Rick Ross and Trick Daddy. Additionally, Yung Miami also has a close relationship with Trina, who is said to be her godmother. Then, at 19, Yung Miami gave birth to her son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. in 2013.

To be honest, rapping was never in Miami’s plans. She enjoyed a life of luxury, especially after growing up in the struggle. Miami declined the offer when her best friend and now group partner JT suggested putting out a song. However, after some begging, she added her verse. The rest is City Girls history.

Entering The Music Industry As Professionals

The song “F**k That N***a” was released in 2017 and opened doors for the Miami natives. The two would be rapping with Drake in just a year and signed to Quality Control Records. They helped make the OVO icon's "In My Feelings" hit become the song of the summer.

Despite being in one of the most popular girl groups of the decade, Yung Miami has faced numerous tribulations after achieving stardom. In 2017, her mother was sentenced to five years in prison and ten years on probation for a hit-and-run incident that occurred back in 2009. Miami was left to care for her siblings and son without her mother's guidance.

One year after her mother was sentenced, Yung Miami was hit with another wave of bad news. JT had a run-in with the law, as well, and was sent to prison for aggravated fraud. While JT was away, Yung Miami continued to push forward with their career. She was able to operate their duo as a solo star, but she always made sure to perform and complete interviews under "City Girls" and not as her singular stage name.

JT's Return & Climbing Up The Charts

In 2020, a few months after JT was released, Miami’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her son was shot and killed at age 27. Throughout all the hardships, Yung Miami has moved forward. In 2019, she gave birth to her daughter Summer Miami Luellen with her boyfriend at the time, Southside. In 2021, her mother was finally released from prison.

Yung Miami is continuing to focus on her music. After releasing her solo record “Rap Freaks” in 2021, the artist is more driven than ever. She continues to release music as one-half of the City Girls and a solo act. Regularly going viral on social media, it's easy to find news about the Rap star online on any given day. She's collaborated with the best of the best in the business, and even at the top, she proves that the only way is up.