Pooh Shiesty is presently facing twenty years in prison for his alleged role in a Miami strip club shooting. The rapper was taken into custody after being accused by a security guard of firing a gunshot inside the King of Diamonds nightclub, which struck him in the ankle. However, after the rapper's bond was revoked, the guard is changing his story, alleging that he was given painkillers at the hospital before providing a police statement and claiming that he doesn't remember being shot.

The security guard, Frivin Dor, is reportedly saying that he doesn't remember giving his statement to police, claiming that he was given the powerful painkiller Dilaudid, which he says knocked him out as he was speaking to the cops. This information comes from a TMZ report, which uses legal documents from Bradford Cohen and Saam Zangeneh, the rapper's attorneys, as a source. Their documents include a sworn testimony from Shiesty's alleged victim, who is officially changing his story. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

In the new account, Dor says that the ruckus inside the club could have been caused by a ceiling fan falling in a nearby parking garage, which made a loud boom. He claims that he does not remember Pooh firing a shot at him, or in general. To conclude, Dor does not want to press charges against the "Back In Blood" artist and Pooh's lawyers think this is enough to get the judge to reconsider letting the rapper out on bond.

Shiesty is currently being held in custody until his trial. We will keep you posted on any more information that gets released.