Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty appeared in court last week, where he had his bond revoked and was informed that he would need to remain incarcerated until he goes on trial. The rapper was arrested following a shooting incident at a Miami strip club. He allegedly fired a shot at the ground, which hit a security guard in the ankle. Given his previous arrest in Florida a few months earlier, prosecutors were unimpressed that he managed to find himself in a similar situation again.

The rumor mill has been active with fans discussing Pooh Shiesty's attire in court. Instead of an orange or beige jumpsuit, the rapper was wearing a green vest that is allegedly given to incarcerated people who are on suicide watch. A former inmate explained the vest in a TikTok video.



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According to the TikTok user, a "turtle vest" is given to inmates who tell cops that they are suicidal. "They put you on twenty-four-hour surveillance and they make you wear one of these," he said about Pooh's vest. "You cannot rip this up. They do that so you can't make some crazy thing out of it, like a noose."

People have been discussing his turtle vest on social media, commenting on the rapper possibly being on suicide watch and giving their opinions ofn this. Hopefully, Pooh Shiesty is well and gets out soon. Read what people have been saying below.