She's a rising artist hoping to solidify her mark in the Rap game, but Omeretta faces criticisms that many women in the industry are confronted with. Several ladies in Rap have previously spoken out about being told that they need to have BBLs or cosmetic surgery in order to make it big while also facing off with the public. Recently, Omeretta shared a few selfies and after an Instagram user reposted her photos with a note about her body, she issued a response. 

"If she had a ass she would b the baddest chocolate thang alive on god!" the person wrote. "She jus need a lil more ass man." The Love & Hip Hop star called the comment "weird af" and argued that remarks such as this are why "so many girls walking around looking like ants now."

Omeretta added that there isn't anything wrong with her shape and she doesn't take comments such as these as a compliment. "Ima just leave this here… I’m so happy I’m confident in the skin I was born in cuz this internet sh!t got folks tripping," the rapper penned in her caption. "It’s nothing wrong with having a normal body I wish people stop letting comments like this drive them to change stuff about they selves that’s already Perfect."

"Don’t nobody gotta like the way you look expect the person u go home to every night and if they don’t like it u need a new person!!! Period." Check out the post below along with a few more stunning shots of Omeretta.