Boosie BadAzz always seems to have an opinion on things that don't involve him — Zaya Wade's transitioning as a pre-teen is the obvious example that comes to mind. However, his latest commentary hot take actually involves a topic that's caused massive debate over the years: the acceptance of plastic surgery.

Boosie BadAzz plastic surgery
Image: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

While we don't think this comment will get him banned from social media again, we can imagine there were a few people in his replies that probably wanted him banned for life. "IM TIRED OF SEEIN THIS PLASTIC SURGERY SMH [sic]," he wrote in all caps (seen above), following up his flagrant statement by adding, "EVERYBODY BODY PARTS LOOK THE SAME Titties, ass , hips etc."

Then he added a special message to the guys and "#ladies" out there, continuing his rant by writing, "TRY NOT TO CHANGE YOUR FACES SO MUCH N MEN MOTIVATE YOUR BITCH SO SHE AINT FEELING SHE MISSING ANYTHING #isaidit." Sure, we could go in on the many, many things wrong with this whole statement, but it's best to remember that anything coming from the mouth of Boosie BadAzz is worth taking with a grain of salt.

Many people had some slick responses, including one user who wrote, equally in all caps, "WELP HE SAID WTF EVERYONE ELSE HAS SAID." Another user caught him in a catch 22, simply stating, "Lol Boosie you lowkey trip for those fake ass and titties, you use them in your music videos too practice what you preach Brodie. [sic]" Good point, fam!

Do you think Boosie BadAzz has a point when it comes to plastic surgery, or is this just another one of his opinions that shouldn't be taken seriously in the least bit? Let us know which side of the knife you fall under by sounding off down below in the comments section: