Cardi B returned to posting glammed-up shots on social media, taking a break from the upcoming election, and giving her fans some star-studded new pictures to engage with.

In the first of two new pictures uploaded to her Instagram page, she was forced fight off rumors that she might have joined the Illuminati, with several fans citing the fact that she was wearing red horns on her head. She explained that it was just for a photoshoot for TikTok in the second image.

On the horned photo, Cardi B went with a boss caption, writing: "Single, bad and rich. I do the controlling." 

As you know, Cardi has been legally sorting out her divorce to Offset and she claims that there's no bad blood between them, stating that she was just tired of being mistreated and wasn't interested in waiting until the next time she got cheated on to make a move. 

Perhaps Offset is missing his estranged wife because, in the picture's likes, he was highlighted as one of the accounts that double-tapped the image. While that much is innocent, it could be indicative of his greater feelings about the split. Remarkably enough, he didn't like the second picture she posted, which has no mention of her relationship status.

Do you think Offset and Cardi B will ever get back together or will they both end up moving on?