Laying relatively low this year has been Nicki Minaj, making sparse public appearances and not releasing any solo material. Her presence on social media has been just as light as she has not updated her Twitter page since the beginning of the year. Her Instagram is similar, adding only two sponsored posts pertaining to her partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Tidal. When Nicki tweeted yesterday, her fans went insane and as soon as they could reply to the post, it was deleted and gone from the Twittersphere.

The post was incredibly brief, reading simply, "4," leading her fanbase to speculate what she could be referring to. The most obvious meaning of the cryptic tweet is that it refers to her fourth album, which is rumored to be releasing this year. Could 4 be the title of her forthcoming project or does it pertain to something entirely different? As always, fans of the artist came through in full force, noting that it was deleted in approximately 4 minutes adding even more fuel to the rumor mill. 

The explanation could be as simple as a plain mistake on the part of Nicki. However, it's always fun to speculate on what her intentions could have been. Check out some of the most outlandish tweets reacting to Nicki's post-and-delete and let us know your thoughts on what she means.