We all know that Reginae Carter is a serious fan of Nicki Minaj. Her dad (Lil Wayne) and Nicki go way back and the rapper has even performed at some of Reginae's birthday parties in the past. So for Nicki's recent show of affection for all the ladies that support her latest track "Barbie Tingz," it comes as no surprise that lil miss Reginae has been re-posted on Nicki's Instagram seen bumping her track. 


Nicki even shared videos of Amber Rose, Kourtney Kardashian and Draya Michele all living their best lives with Nicki's vocals echoed in the background. "If your friends don’t hype you up like this they’re not your real friends," Nicki captioned Amber's video. 




Reginae previously posted a few videos of her and her baby sister Reign listening to Nicki's tunes as well as Cardi B's new music. Little baby Reign was enjoying her sister time and boasted the biggest smile when Nicki's track was playing - clearly picking her favourite of two rappers.