Madden '19 comes replete with new features, some more fancied than others. But regardless, if you buy the game on an annual basis you're likely locked in for many years to come, no exception. If you thought the new first person modes create a world too vivid for your liking, think again. Madden '19's latest commercial begins as stand-up comedian Chris Redd sits down with Lil Dicky for a round of coffee.

Dicky asks Redd if he's heard of this GOAT-level Madden player named "Will" that has shown himself to be merciless in the field of play. Chris tells Dicky he knows "Will" personally and even witness the "online" game that cemented his legend status.

As the story builds, Chris Redd fixes his retention skills on Will's final drive against the defending champs (Eagles) until Nicki Minaj enters the vignette with a mild interjection.

Nicki Minaj stops him right in his track to announce her online username before joining Dicky as an active listener to Redd's storytelling epic. The legend of Will takes an unexpected turn as he celebrates his video game conquest. Will shimmies in celebration, and his android phone falls out of pocket, erroneously dialing Quavo in the process.

The unintentional act makes Quavo an accessory to his successful feat alongside Chris Redd who was cheering from inside the den. Joel Embiid even makes a cameo in the dying seconds of the 3-and-a-half minute segment.

See for yourself: