In just a few months, Tekashi 6ix9ine will be released from prison. His polarizing case has been the subject of debate, as exhibited by Nick Cannon and VladTV during their recent discussion. The hip hop community has weighed in heavily about 6ix9ine turning federal witness against this former Nine Trey Bloods associates, and as we approach his release date, there's more speculation as to how he will be received by the public.

Vlad argued that 6ix9ine only received a two-year sentence even though he was the person kicking up the most dust. Cannon disagreed. "I do believe there's being a message sent to America, and you're smarter than this Vlad—first of all, when I joke and say 'Donnie Brasco' and Tekashi was probably the FBI the entire time, let's just talk about the FBI for a second." Cannon stated that the FBI were criminals, themselves, and the way to infiltrate a community is to get to them through the music industry. 

"[They] will use this kid that has a lot of attention to take down that entire community—you wanna talk conspiracy, they got 'em all on conspiracy," he added. "'Cause [they're] admitting stuff and it's all on video. They've been doing this since the Mafia. this is a prime example of how the Federal Bureau of Investigation can take out an entire neighborhood, an entire community, an entire people and put them all in cages. And they used young Daniel to do it. That's all they did."

Nick Cannon said that 6ix9ine made good music, was in the spotlight and was making quite a bit of cash. It made the rapper a target, so he was a pawn, not a kingpin. "That kid ain't no mastermind," the media mogul said. "The FBI are the masterminds. The law enforcements. The police department who want to put black men in cages." He added, "If he wasn't an FBI agent, there was an FBI agent very close by." Watch the exchange below.