Youngboy Never Broke Again is reportedly the father of two babies that were born this week.

The 20-year-old rapper already has a handful of kids but he's proud to welcome two more into his life. His baby mama Kaylyn seemingly gave birth, tweeting out a message with the child's initials and their birthday.

"KAMG, 6/16/2020, 12:43," she wrote. "The whole world stopped for you."

Not to be upstaged, another one of NBA Youngboy's girls claimed that she also gave birth to her baby this week. 

"Thanks everybody," said Nisha, suggesting that her child had also been born.

If these reports are correct, this means that Youngboy Never Broke Again now has seven children. Congratulations to the rapper, Nisha, and Kaylyn.

Recently, YB dropped a new single with Lil Baby called "One Shot," which was the first song to release from the upcoming Fast 9 soundtrack. He is currently on a musical hiatus, telling fans that he will not be releasing any new full-length projects in the foreseeable future. Maybe he is taking this time to be a father to his babies.

In other news pertaining to NBA Youngboy, his car garage was recently broken into. He challenged the thieves, who claimed to have taken something from the spot, asking for $30,000 in return for it.