How dumb do you need to be to record yourself breaking into somebody's house and stealing shit? Youngboy Never Broke Again's crib was reportedly broken into and the would-be thieves claim to have made off with some stuff. They're asking the rapper to pay $30,000 to get his things back but, as it stands, he doesn't think they actually took anything of value. 

In a new video, he confronted the men who trespassed on his property and flexed with his luxury cars.

"You wanna buy your shit back or what?" asked one of the men, who filmed themselves breaking into his house. 

"You ain't get shit you flunked-out ass n***a, I'm tryna see where you at," replied NBA Youngboy. Something tells me that, instead of $30,000, they may be seeing 30 shots. "You dumb motherfucker, what, you got $20 out the car?" asked the rapper.

"You know what we got, stop the cap," said the thief. In the video, they show off with YB's car keys but, apparently, they did not make off with the whips.

"What so you can start my car? I just took a picture in the same car today... With my little boy. You bitch ass n***as," yells Youngboy before shouting some threats that are indistinguishable.

What do you think Youngboy has planned for these dudes?