For months, Omarion has been hailed as the King of Unbothered. His ex Apryl Jones, who is also the mother of his two children, has not only degraded the singer in the media and on reality television, but she's now in love and living with his B2K groupmate Fizz. The debacle has unfolded for a worldwide audience on television and social media as Apryl and Fizz have declared their love for one another while speaking negatively about their exes.

While Omarion remains silent and opts to make 2020 Millenium power moves, Fizz's ex Moniece Slaughter has no problem speaking her piece. On the reunion special of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, B2K's J-Boog shared that he's spoken to Omarion privately and the singer does feel some type of way about his ex and Fizz. Meanwhile, Fizz made it clear that he and Omarion were never best friends, they were never like "brothers," so people need to stop acting as if he pulled some great betrayal.

Moniece addressed that comment on Instagram by saying that Fizz is a liar because he and Omarion were once quite close. "My BD just be tellin lie after lie after lie," she wrote. "Omarion was at my son's 4th or 5th bday party at glow zone. During his FRIENDSHIP w/ Omarion, he completely put Boog on the back burner. Never saw that man I'd heard mention of his name smh."

She goes on to say that she and Fizz attended Omarion and Apryl's second baby shower and a birthday party for one of their children. Apparently, Omarion also invited Fizz and his son to Disneyland along with Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko (who's daughter's father is O'Ryan, Omarion's brother). "Them boys were friends," Moniece continued. "My son referred to Omarion then & now as uncle O." Read her message in full below.