Miley Cyrus has been through two breakups in a few weeks span which means she's understandably feeling a type of way. The 26-year-old ended things with her husband Liam Hemsworth and one day later she was spotted with Kaitlynn Carter and the duo dated for a few weeks before breaking things off. While Miley and Kaitlynn are reported to be on good terms, the "Wrecking Ball" singer has shared a post to Instagram that explains a little bit of how she's feeling right now. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Miley posted an image to her Instagram story that sees her laying in bed with her two dogs by her side. "Waking up surrounded by animals is my favorite way to start a morning. I am immediately reminded to LOVE without conditions,' she wrote under the image. "The best part about animals is that they are careless about the details. They live by the golden rule ... Love & Be Loved. Nothing in between. No questions regarding wealth, career, talents, race, age, sex .... They love back 100X.... All they ask is to be cared for in exchange for loyalty, reliability and faithfulness. (reminds me of someone)."

Miley's also been sharing a string of images to her feed that proves she's taken some time to herself at a gorgeous retreat somewhere in the sun that's filled with picturesque hikes and mountains that appear to be very calming.