Miley Cyrus was alone at home on a Wednesday night so what did she decide to do? She chose to bring the dance party to her crib. When all your friends are busy and you've got no plans in the middle of the week, what's better than an impromptu twerk video in your house? You probably thought of dozens of things that are better than that but for the former Hannah Montana star, she blended her workout goals with dance to have some fun with her fans.

The actress was once infamously known for her twerking skills, grinding up on Robin Thicke in an Award Show moment we've all tried to erase from our memories. Some may find her social uploads from last night to be cringe-worthy and others may find them hot. For Miley though, she was truly just having fun, sharpening her skills and dancing to popular Megan Thee Stallion songs. Her playlist included "Simon Says," a collaboration between the Houston Hottie and one of her idols, Juicy J. Cyrus dropped it down to the ground, supporting her body with her arms and wiggling her booty for her millions of supporters to watch.

Watch the clip above, and let us know what you think of Miley's moves in the comments.