Meek Mill has made clear several times that he does not mess with Tekashi 6ix9ine. For example, yesterday, when Snoop Dogg posted a screenshot of a headline that indicated that the rainbow-haired rapper is "safe and secured in a jail unit with other snitches," Meek Mill instinctively commented, "Ratgoon." Furthermore, when asked about his opinion on Tekashi during a Twitter Q&A in June, Meek Mill referred to him as a "a vicious kid," who "started all that drama and start telling." Other respected rappers have commented on the situation and have expressed similar views. Jeezy called Tekashi "a marketing genius," but meant this in the negative sense that he fabricated a persona based on a lifestyle that he wasn't truly living and couldn't keep up with. 

Today, on the first day of Tekashi's trial for federal racketeering and firearm charges, Meek Mill took the opportunity to remind his Twitter followers that Tekashi is an example of what kind of behavior not to emulate. Meek tweeted, "69 going up in federal courthouse today kids! Message of the day don’t be a Internet gangsta... be yourself! #cloutisnottheroute get money." Meek seems to be mainly concerned about the kids - which isn't hard to believe considering his efforts to help the youth in his community - rather than clowning Tekashi. In another tweet that Meek sent out in February, he expressed the same worry that the many young people who (unfortunately) looked up to Tekashi would think that acting hard and starting beef will ultimately be rewarding. His tweet then read, "don’t represent that using influence to cause unnecessary drama and then get them locked up after he portrayed a gang will believe that and follow up it’s not cool."

You can read what went down at today's hearing here