Jeezy has been doing the radio station rounds to promote his new album, TM104: The Legend of the SnowmanHis most recent stop was at Big Boy's Neighbourhood, where he discussed how trap has evolved from when he started out his career. When Big Boy asked who started trap, Jeezy made it clear that he has a traditional understanding of the term, naming the person who first showed him how to get money. While, today, trap is largely considered to be a musical genre, Jeezy solely associates it with the dangers of the hustling lifestyle that many are forced to adopt in Atlanta in order to survive. "I respect the fact that someone would risk their life to save their family and I just can't equate that with a sound," the rapper said. 

Jeezy's comparing of the previous reality of trap to the current commercialized aesthetic of it transitioned into Big Boy asking for Jeezy's take on Tekashi 6ix9ine. Jeezy's response suggested that he sees Tekashi as the epitome trap becoming all about fabricated personas. While Jeezy predicted that Tekashi would not be able to live up to the hard image that he projected, he commended him on his acting and marketing skills."If he played it smart, he'd be in movies right now. It's clear to see he's an actor. An actor can emulate anything. He was emulating the music and then watching what people did to gain clout and he mastered it, so he's really a marketing genius when you think about it, but that don't mean he's a real individual." 

Watch the interview below for Jeezy's full analysis of trap's origins and evolution.