It's only been a few months since Meek Mill released his album Championships but he's already cooking up new music. Last night, James Harden previewed a new Meek Mill track but fans speculated that it might be about Nicki Minaj. He quickly took to Twitter to shut down the rumors and remind everyone that they should hear the song in its entirety before coming to conclusions.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

Meek Mill shut down rumors that the snippet that surfaced online was about Nicki Minaj. In fact, he made it quite clear that he's moved on from her, despite what she claimed in "Barbie Dreamz."

"Stop the bap I’m like on my 6 girl in the last 2 years let me live," he wrote on Twitter. "Y’all gotta hear the whole thing first ..... just chill."

At the top of the snippet, Meek speaks about a woman who was supposed to be his Beyonce. "This shit beyond me/ You was supposed to be my Beyoncé/ Now you this nigga fiancé? What?/ Fuck you mean you feel a connection?" He says. Rumors that Nicki and her new boyfriend, Kenneth Petty are engaged have been circulating on the web for a while which made many speculate that Meek was speaking about his ex.

Regardless of who it's about, we're excited to hear some new music from Meek Mill. The rapper announced that a Dreamchasers album was on the way in late January. He's yet to reveal a timeframe on what we should expect it to be released but hopefully, it arrives soon.