Meek Mill's comeback, recently touted by Drake as the "greatest of all time," is still underway. While the Philadelphia hometown hero certainly delivered big with Championships, he recently teased a new Dreamchasers project, set to arrive in the near future. Now, it would appear that Meek has finished up a few tracks, sending them over to the homie James Harden for some feedback. The Houston Rockets player recently took to Instagram to showcase one of Meek's upcoming bangers, making sure to highlight an interesting bar for the masses to consume and analyze.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"This shit beyond me, you was supposed to be my Beyoncé, now you this n*gga fiancé?!” raps Meek, equally incredulous and judgemental in his tone. "What?! Fuck you mean you feel a connection? He listen to you, what?! This n***a wore Balenciaga with boot-cut jeans." He continues, picking up his flow as the beat drops. "Everytime you post this n***a I wanna smoke this n***a," he raps. "We just broke up last year, how you know this n***a? What you was cheating on me, you was creeping on me?"

Of course, it's entirely possible that Meek is conjuring up a fictitious ex-lover for the sake of the track's concept. Yet it's hard not to think of Nicki Minaj, who Meek previously dated in a widely publicized relationship. As you might know, Minaj has since fallen into the arms of an old childhood flame, Kenneth Petty. Petty, who boasts a dubious track record to say the least, has been a recurring presence in Nicki's Instagram feed. Given what Meek has penned in his latest, it's entirely possible that this unreleased track is directed at Nicki. After all, the pair seem to have some unresolved issues. As far as Meek's concerned, however, it's all good - she'll soon come crawling back, by his estimation. 

Check out the snippet below via DJ Harden, and judge for yourself.