When Cyntoia Brown was granted clemency yesterday, there was a moment where we all breathed a sigh of relief. Kim Kardashian has been trying her hardest to implement change, working toward a prison reform system and helping people that have been unlawfully kept behind bars for years. The first person that she assisted was Alice Johnson, who was freed a few months ago after receiving a life sentence for drug trafficking. She had also been pushing for Cyntoia Brown to be granted clemency as she was handed a lengthy sentence for murdering a man that bought her for sex when she was just 16-years-old. Now Brown will be freed and the world has celebrated along with her.


A few of the regular sources within the hip-hop community reacted to the good news as both T.I. and Meek Mill shared messages for Cyntoia. "All your calls prayers and Post’s worked," wrote Tip. Meek reminded folks that their voice matters, which is evident now that Cyntoia will be released. Of course, Kim Kardashian shared her own reaction alongside Jada Pinkett Smith as both entertainers thanked Governor Haslam for making the decision.

With Cyntoia now being granted clemency, Kim has no plans of slowing down. She can clearly see that her platform is being used for good and she probably would like to continue this hot streak.