This could all be handled away from the public eye, but Master P and Monica are going at it on social media. Master P shared a video to Instagram where he spoke about why he feels as if his incarcerated brother, Corey "C-Murder" Miller, has shown himself to be "ungrateful." There has been an influx of activity from C-Murer on social media lately, especially after his ex-girlfriend Monica tapped Kim Kardashian to aid in the campaign to get the rapper released from prison. 

Master P, along with others in the Miller family, has been advocating for C-Murder since he was first arrested. Things seem to have come to a head for Master P as he declared he would no longer financially support his brother and stated that he wouldn't visit him, either. During his speech, Master P questioned Monica and C-Murder's relationship, resulting in Monica telling him that he shouldn't be speaking about her when he doesn't know her at all. The rap mogul penned a lengthy response that he shared to Instagram.

"Speaking the truth is not being disrespectful, it’s just reality. @monicadenise I don’t know you and I ain’t trying to get to know you, just for the record. You stated you have been on C’s visiting list since Parish, that’s over 18 years and how long have you known KimK, you just now got your bff to send out a tweet. I guess better now than never.. and you’ve been married twice during that time.. so you are his ride or die. You or any other woman don’t have to prove y’all loyalty to our family, if y’all agenda is real and it’s to help get him out then do it and stop talking."

"The mission for my family is always going to be about getting my brother’s freedom, we’re family no matter what happens we gone always be brothers," Master P continued. "This is not about me, I’m standing up for the older people in my family that have been getting disrespected and disregarded for too long when they’ve been there for C since day one. The truth needs to be told, it might make some uncomfortable but it is well overdue, that is the only way we can heal and grow as a family. What the enemy meant for evil, God will use for our good."