With his upcoming YSIV set to round out September, it's no surprise to hear that Bobby Tarantino is once again on the move. After announcing the album's existence with a throwback, Method Man inspired freestyle, Logic has revealed the first chapter will be arriving this Friday.

Ominously titled "Everybody Dies," one has to wonder if the man is about to come through on the macabre tip. Perhaps he's referring to his last album, Everybody, and his plans to systematically murder it, taking a page out of Eminem's book. Perhaps he's simply coming to terms with the inevitability of his own fate; such existential thoughts would indeed coincide with an increase in marijuana usage. Luckily, Logic seems ready for action, and will no doubt deliver something his loyal fanbase will enjoy. 

In fact, snippets of Logic's single have been circulating, and from the sound of it, the song will be more of a banger than some of his Everybody offerings. Such news bodes well for Bobby, who has occasionally been maligned over his pop sensibilities. I mean, the man has been securing copious bags, and that cannot be hated. Still, Logic can rap, and sometimes, that's all the masses need. Stay tuned for "Everybody Dies," dropping this Friday.