In May, ATL-via-NOLA R&B singer Lloyd, known for hits like 2007's "Get It Shawty," came out of seclusion and released "Tru," his first single in five years. The song shed some light on all of the pain behind his hiatus and introduced a new artist who is set on using his longtime craft as a means to find his place in the world. His renewed spirit was deeply moving, and "Tru" was about as impressive a return as one could have imagined. It turns out that "Tru" will be the titular track off his comeback project, a 5-track EP that is set to arrive on Dec. 9. Lloyd recently shared the Tru tracklist as well as the EP's cover artwork, which shows him sitting naked on a rock situated in the path of a gentle waterfall. 

The excellent 2 Chainz-featuring remix of "Tru," released earlier this month, will appear as a bonus track on the EP. The release will contain three brand new tracks, including "Heavenly Body," featuring Rick Ross, the lone guest on Tru. Upon sharing the Tru artwork on Instagram, Lloyd wrote a lengthy statement on the meaning of the nude photo as well as his goals for the EP. Check out the post as well as the Tru tracklist below. 

1. "Tru"
2. "Heavenly Body" (feat. Rick Ross)  
3. "Holding"
4. "Excited"
5. "Tru (Remix)" (feat. 2 Chainz) (Bonus)