Tuesday night was one for the books. In perhaps one of its most engaging battles since its inception last year, Verzuz welcomed classic New York Hip-Hop groups The LOX and Dipset into the ring, and the battle was nothing short of captivating. In addition to revisiting throwback fan-favorite tracks from both groups, viewers were treated to quite the spectacle as well, as Jadakiss' infectious energy led to a scene-stealing performance.

As a result, many people who watched the Verzuz have crowned Jadakiss and The LOX the undisputed champions over Dipset, but still, one fan on Twitter was curious as to what Lloyd Banks thought about the show. 

Lloyd Banks of G-Unit performs during the "Power" season two premiere event with a special performance from 50 Cent, G-Unit and other guests on June 2, 2015 in New York City.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"Banks, you watched the Lox v.Dipset versus last night ? what are your thoughts?" a fan asked the former G-Unit member on Twitter.

Apparently, the Course of the Inevitable rapper took a break from putting in work in "the lab" because he responded to the fan in a matter of hours. Rather than getting too deep into what he liked or disliked from the LOX v. Dipset matchup, however, Lloyd Banks got right to the point and revealed who the true winner during Tuesday's Verzuz was.

"Amazing night for hip hop," Lloyd banks says, perfectly summing up what pretty much every Hip-Hop enthusiast has likely been thinking about last night's entertaining Verzuz battle between The LOX and Dipset.

Do you agree with Lloyd Banks' take?