Timbs were in full effect as two of Hip Hop's most prolific collectives came together for a monumental Verzuz. The series hails itself as a "celebration of the culture" as it has eased its way out of the "battle" label, but The LOX and Dipset made sure that it was known that this Verzuz was a certified match. The two groups met at the Hulu Theater where they were introduced by a famed ring announcer Michael Buffer and made grand entrances much like those of WWE stars. 

Both Dipset and The LOX have been trolling each other in the weeks leading up to the Verzuz, so fans were ready to lace up their Timbs for an epic moment for the culture. From the offset, these two collectives—who made sure to repeat throughout the Verzuz that they were good friends—were going at it. They were throwing playful disses that may have rubbed a few the wrong way, but overall, once the ball got rolling, the hits didn't stop.

Jadakiss was a standout, undeniably, and Hip Hop fans took to social media by the thousands to bestow him the MVP of the Verzuz. The LOX didn't let up track after track, and Dipset made sure to answer each push of pressure with bars that made Harlem proud. There was a brief moment when viewers were nervous that the Verzuz was going to be shut down because there were too many people from each collective's entourages on stage. The performing space was shrinking and there were fears that the stage wouldn't be able to hold the weight of the dozens of guests.

Meanwhile, fans were excited to hear some of their favorite tracks. The LOX brought us "Ryde or Die B*tch," "I Get High," "24 Hours to Live," "Good Times," the remix to Mariah Carey's "Honey," and a tribute to the late great New York icon, DMX. Dipset came through with "Killa Cam," "We Fly High," "Oh Boy," "Hey Ma," "Certified Gangstas," and "I Really Mean It."

For those that missed it, Verzuz should be uploading the show in its entirety soon. Check out a few reactions, memes, and notes from The LOX and Dipset's Verzuz below. For those of you who caught the performance, let us know your favorite moments and who you think stole the show.