Lil Tecca and Juice WRLD have experienced many parallels in their short careers so far. Of course, Juice WRLD is the most experienced of the two but when he started out, he was making it big off of Nick Mira production, Cole Bennett videos and extremely catchy melodies. What is Lil Tecca doing right now? He's making it big off of Cole Bennett videos, Nick Mira production and insanely catchy melodies. We're about to be gifted Tecca's debut project, which is arriving soon, and the teenager has shared the tracklist on social media. Surprisingly enough, he's taking on this journey solo.

The one song that does contain a feature on We Love You Tecca is the remix to "Ran$om," which features none other than Juice WRLD. The hit single, which continues to climb the Billboard Hot 100 chart, is included as the first track on the mixtape, with fan favorites "Bossanova" and "Molly Girl" also popping up. With seventeen songs, many are afraid the project will run a little long. However, Tecca's tracks have all been on the shorter side of the spectrum so we're likely to receive a bunch of 2-minute cuts on here.

Are you excited to hear your first taste of the 17-year-old New York upstart? Stay tuned for We Love You Tecca.