Of all the young rappers that have come up this year, Lil Tecca may be standing in front of the line. The 16-year-old from New York will be celebrating his birthday in a few days and it appears as though he has a gift planned out for himself.

Not many high school-aged teens can say that they currently have a song sitting inside of the Top Ten on the Billboard Hot 100 but with "Ransom," Lil Tecca was able to accomplish exactly that. The rapper is currently preparing his debut project after releasing a series of one-off singles and today, he told the world the title of the work and unveiled its cover art.


The photo shows a drawing of Tecca with his signature glasses and his braids hanging in front of his face as he hugs the planet. The words "We Love You Tecca" are superimposed in front of the Earth and instead of listing the continents, hearts are present in between bodies of water. Perhaps this is his way of warning us that he's about to take over the world?

The New York rapper has not revealed when he plans to drop the project. In fact, he hasn't even clarified if it will be an album, a mixtape, an EP or a single. We wouldn't be surprised if this arrives somewhat soon though. Are you looking forward to hearing more new music from him?