There weren't too many updates last week regarding the status of Chicago rapper Lil Reese, who nearly lost his life after a shooting last weekend. The recording artist had reportedly been targeted in a drive-by attack, leaving his vehicle riddled in bullets and Reese fighting for his life. After recovering in the hospital, Reese is back and he's ready to get back into the fold. He has already stated his million-dollar price for his first interview back and now, he's sharing photos of his injuries.

Details from the shooting are still muddy but, after surviving an attempt on his life, Lil Reese is proudly showing off his battle scars. Leaving behind a physical reminder of the time he was nearly killed, Reese shared a shot of his neck with heavy stitches, noting how grateful he is to still be breathing. "Made 4 it Lifes a gamble I got hella luck," wrote the 26-year-old as his caption. After his injuries were described as "critical," plenty of fans are happy to see Reese back out here, excited about his return to social media.

Continue sending your positive energies to Lil Reese and his family. Even though he's back online, this is still a daily struggle that he will need to get through little by little.