If you've listened to J. Cole's newest album K.O.D., you've likely heard a track that appears to reference Lil Pump and his contemporaries. The presumed diss track is believed to carry subliminal meaning behind the lyrics, which are aimed at Lil Pump for his 2017 track "Fuck J. Cole." Pump's track was a running joke among a generation of SoundCloud rappers and Cole's "1985" is said to be his response. Late last week, Pump brushed off the alleged diss, laughing it off and giving the rapper props for going after a 17-year-old. Jetski is back at it today, this time taking a different approach.

Instead of sarcastically laughing about the situation, Lil Pump is now thanking J. Cole on his Instagram story. Before taking a bite of his food, the Floridian addresses Cole, saying, "Cole, thank you for all the clout. Appreciate it." While the comment is clearly ingenuine as there are no positive vibes between the two of them at the moment, Pump does have a lot to be happy about, showing off his standing as the #1 music video on YouTube in the United States last week for "ESSKEETIT." 

With Pump continuing to have feelings over the supposed diss against him, could we see a response on the upcoming Harvard Dropout mixtape? Is a "Fuck J. Cole" sequel on the horizon?