Lil Pump has a lot to be happy about. He has a boatload of cash from his new deal, "Gucci Gang" was one of the biggest songs of last year, and now his "Eskeetit" video is quickly gaining in popularity. While he may not be everybody's favorite rapper, it's hard to deny that he has discovered a niche section of hip-hop that he is exploiting masterfully. Catering to a younger crowd, Pump himself is only 17-years-old and, with his latest achievement, he has out-performed one of music's top talents.

Taking to his Instagram story, Jet Ski revealed that on top of debuting at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100, "Eskeetit" also was the top music video in the United States according to YouTube statistics. Showing the proof on his phone, Pump sits above Lil Dicky's ultra-successful "Freaky Friday" video and Drake's freshly-released "Nice For What." For Pump to have overtaken Drizzy on the list of most popular music videos is quite an impressive feat, especially after the viral "God's Plan" blew up, making Drake even more of a superstar. "Eskeetit" has been watched over 69 million days since its initial release as it looks poised to become Pump's next hit.

Is this a trend that you think will continue for Lil Pump? As much as his naysayers want to see him fail, the rapper is showing himself to not be a one-hit-wonder like it was presumed by some. With "Gucci Gang" and now "Eskeetit," what do you think lies in Pump's future?